Thursday, 9 May 2013

Coming to an end.

Our last day before the journey home begins. A long bus trip tomorrow to Guayaquil then a long flight to Santiago, an even longer flight to Sydney, a day to catch up with old friends and then home on Thursday. Hope to have the ute packed by Friday and away on our drive to the centre and back around the top for 4 weeks. Thanks to Silvia, Dawn and Dennis for making this all possible.
We are going to miss these wonderful $50 a night rooms (with good breakfast), $20 evening meals (with beer) and $1 taxi fares. Sydney is going to be a shock!
Ecuador is a very well-equipped county, with ever improving infrastructure, and it is not surprising that lots of foreigners are choosing to retire here. It is diverse and beautiful, has a good climate, the people are delightful and it is extremely cheap to live. Subsiding fuel certainly keeps the prices down - diesel is $1.03/gallon, 25 cents a litre. Read and weep!
Yesterday we did a day tour - out of character for us, but the best way to get around. It was great - waterfalls, hiking, amazon rainforest, a local indigenous community, blowpipe practice, face painting, a wooden canoe ride over the rapids, an animal rescue place (from animal traffickers) and lots of good information about the traditional cultures, foods, use of plants etc.
A huge day,11 hours, with only one one problem - we had the worst possible companions for the day. A Canadian/Chinese couple who didn't shut up from the moment we met at 9am, until we got back. 'Shallow', 'vacuous' were Andrew's words - 'dumb as dogshit' were mine.
'does it snow here?' (we are in the Amazon), 'have you got Walmart here?' ( I repeat, we are in the Amazon), and incessant chatter about crap all day and no interest in the information or sights of the tour. I will scream if I hear about how perfect everything is in China again - food, people, society, you name it. You'd have to wonder why you had been living in Canada for 15 years if it was so good!
We made a pact before we left home that we would be patient - I nearly blew it, but spent the day grunting in response instead.

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