Monday, 13 May 2013


At last, the hot springs.
 A wonderful soaking for an hour or so in 48 degree yellow waters, interspersed with freezing cold showers from the 'angels hair' waterfall. Lots of older locals spend hours there every day, donned in shower caps. It is the first time I've been to public hot baths since Japan, where it was single sex and naked. At least this was fully clothed, which is just as well because according to Andrew I was the 'fifth skinniest person there' - say no more!
A beautiful soak followed by an excellent massage (one that would give even Silvia a run for her money) for $20/hr. A nice way to finish.

A very long bus ride to Guayaquil, with lots of kids and old folks, which was fine.
Guayaquil is interesting - a very bad reputation in the past but with a big clean up in recent years, particularly along the river. It is a successful waterfront development like many others around the world - Darling Harbour, Cairns Esplanade, but you don't have to look very far to see that the poverty is just behind that corner. One day was enough, despite seeing several new birds in the city and staying in a gorgeous little hotel in the old quarter, overlooking the river.
All day flight to Santiago and now we are sitting in the lounge waiting for the flight to Sydney.
All over bar the shouting.
We just love South America - the Andes, the people are all sweet and friendly, only ripped off by a cabby once, Andean Cock of the Rock (plus all the other birds), the fabrics and the weaving, llamas, indigenous pride, the Amazon, free wifi everywhere, low costs of living, all the fresh fruit and juices,etc etc.

Finally a good picture of our volcano! This is the one we could feel and hear all the time.

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