Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Getting in some practice

We've just booked a four-day trek on the El Choro trail which runs from a height of 4725m at the start, up to the possible snow at 4859m via Inca paths, before descending rapidly 3250 down in to the humid and subtropical Yungas.
You may wonder whose idea this is?!?!
La Paz is full of backpackers - young, fit, keen to tick the 'adventure' boxes and doing things on the cheap - many of whom are Israeli ( the Israeli backpacker is not always attractive in manner, as we have found before).
The standard trek is three days and they will bolt, so we've done the old-person thing of booking a private trek - just us, our guide, our cook and an extra day.

We're in training for said trek - packed the backpack with binoculars, water bottles and 2 kg Birds of Peru field guide today and trudged up and down the streets of La Paz for hours today.

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