Friday, 19 April 2013

Lake Titicaca

A dream of mine for many years, Lake Titicaca forms the border between Peru and Bolivia and is the world's highest navigable lake at 3800 metres. It is monstrous and extremely picturesque, being somewhat reminiscent of sitting on the edge of the Mediterranean while you mull over a beer at night.
It has been revered by numerous cultures over thousands of years as a sacred site and the Incas believed that the Sun God was born here on the Isla del Sol, and the Moon God on Isla de Luna, both just off the shore from where we are staying in Copacabana.
When we first arrived in Bolivia there was a prolonged strike in this area, with no access, so it has been great to finish up our time in Bolivia at Titicaca. The weather has been stunning - we have been very lucky. Must be the offerings we made to the Sun God!
Off to Ecuador tomorrow, which is great, but we are very aware of how much we have enjoyed Bolivia and how much more time is needed to see it well. Next year!!
Below are a few snaps of the lake - just beautiful.

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