Sunday, 28 April 2013

Quito and indigenous markets

Back to Quito for a couple of days after the rainforest and before our week at Tandayapa Bird Lodge. These are the guys who offered us the job, so it is going to be interesting to see what we think of it. Seriously birdy - that's for sure.
A day at the famous Otovalo markets yesterday - famous for textiles and weaving, so very hard to keep the hands in the pockets. Saturday is also animal market day where people trade everything from cows to guinea pigs and chickens. Not all cooperative, as one of the photos below shows - - .
A visit to the national museum today, which has a wonderful collection of pre-Hispanic art - ceramics and metals mainly, with great examples of beaten gold from inca times and much earlier. Some of my favourite art.
Again, lucky enough to be here on a Sunday, so music and parades of traditional dance and costumes, and people everywhere. A really nice user-friendly city Quito - all transport is 25 cents, no matter how far you go, and every Sunday is family day. Can't ask for much more!

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