Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Today we moved on from the frenetic and noisy pace of La Paz, flying to the constitutional capital of Sucre - World Heritage listed, with beautiful buildings, spacious streets and the women are taller, less rural in appearance and bowler hats have been replaced by boaters. The countryside is stark and beautiful with extremely steep hillsides. The 35 min flight was the alternative to a 8 hr bus trip.
The city is UNESCO listed, is full of whitewashed churches, museums and public buildings and is surrounded by  parks.

 Very beautiful and calm, it is a university town so young, stylish and modern in feel. There is also a series of protests been held in the main square - university conditions, markets prices etc. Lots of noise, music and fireworks for the morning but everyone goes home for siesta.

The indigenous women wear their traditional clothes with pride.
Local food is good - fresh orange juice on very corner, set  3 course lunches for about $4, food markets with homemade cheeses, breads and the nicest fresh fruit and veg. Our custard apples are nowhere near as good. Hard to find a beer without going to a 'gringo' bar, but we can survive!

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