Saturday, 6 April 2013

La Paz

Every street in this lovely city is either uphill or downhill, and seriously so.
Being at nearly 4,000 metres, the idea is to trudge - you trudge up the hill and you trudge down the hill, slowly but surely. Otherwise you just puff out.
We have both managed to avoid any serious altitude sickness symptoms - walking slowly, not eating or drinking too much, a good dose of coca leaf tea and a fair dose of good luck. A touch of diarrhoea and headaches have been the sum of it thus far. Lucky, lucky!!
This must be the only country in the world where the women are both shorter and wider than me, even in their felt bowler hats - - - unfortunately they don't like photos taken or I would line them all up as proof. Short, wide, colourful, hard working and cheerful - what more could you ask for?
We are staying near the 'Witches Market' with little ladies selling all sorts of herbal remedies and good luck potions, including dried llama foetuses. Very good luck to bury one beneath your new house, I believe!
Great fresh fruit, juices and pastries on the streets.

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